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Djaan (Bah'dur) Das [userpic]

The Foundling blurb

October 7th, 2007 (06:05 pm)

Djaan Das is Dead

Twelve years later and plagued still by the obligation of duty to the CASS and his guilt over the death of his friend, Subodha Nikku watches helplessly as the tide of the war has turned permanently against the Confederacy.

A Message

Now CASSCOM has received a message of peace from their enemy pleading for an end to this costly war. And so they have sent Djaan Nikku speeding his way to the border to meet with the mysterious Foundlings for the first time in this century-long conflict, on the slim hope that the fighting can finally end.

The Foundling

What Bodie finds at Beta Eridani will change the fates of two men. Bodie must once against choose between the letter of duty to his people and its spirit for the survival of both their civilizations will hang in the balance.

Djaan (Bah'dur) Das [userpic]

blurb version one

October 29th, 2006 (08:06 pm)

The Foundlings

In the Year of Union 437, an armada of ships appeared on the borders of the CASS. Terrified of again being subjugated to an alien race, the CASS attacked the invaders. A century has passed and still the war drags on, without anyone in the CASS having seen the face of their enemy.

Djaan Das

The greatest strategic mind to come out of the Jandahl Academy in fifty-six years, Bah’dur Das brings victory wherever he goes. He is the hope of every system in the CASS to finally bring an end to this long war. Now he and his fellow Djaans have embarked on a daring plan to lure the Foundlings to the blasted hull of old Earth and draw a noose around the Foundling fleet.


But Djaan Das has a secret; a secret so big that if it is revealed it could destroy not only him, but the entire Confederacy as well.

Djaan (Bah'dur) Das [userpic]

Brief Explanation of the Tags

June 30th, 2006 (01:22 am)

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</Djaan Das>

Summary of the Tags:

intro -- includes introductory historical post on the god Janus, as well as this tags post
janus -- events belonging to the first book
foundling -- events belonging to the second book
backstory -- events occuring before the books, and which may be referred to in the books, but which are not actually a part of the plots; it may also refer to just details, like descriptions of alien races, etc.
past -- refers to events occurring in the past, specifically events occurring in the past with respect to "current events" in Janus
current -- refers to events occuring in the "present" timeline of Janus... i.e. after the Foundling battle at Earth which is going to open Chapter 1; this includes "current" events in the Foundling as well.
fpast -- refers to events which are "past" with respect to the Foundling, but may be "future" with respect to Janus
year of union #'s -- the numbered tags refer to dates (years) according to the CASS calendar.

I believe this is all of them.
<Djaan Das>

Djaan (Bah'dur) Das [userpic]


June 7th, 2006 (01:11 am)

Long ago on Ancient Earth, before the time when humans freed themselves from superstition and religion, among the peoples who called themselves Romans, there was a god named Janus.

Janus was the god of gateways and of beginnings. But just as a door is an exit as well as an entrance and just as a beginning of one thing is also the end of another, Janus was also seen as being involved in every double-edged event, in all transition.

Thus he is the perfect god for the story of my life.

For more information on the myth of Janus:


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